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On Race and The Future of America

Black Lives Matter

Standing in front of an integrated congregation, a young black woman courageously addressed our gathering on the recent race issues in America. Below are the powerful words, given by her, to our church. This is her speech, her heart, her message, word-for-word. She did such an excellent job that I am posting her thoughts here.…

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How to Think on Your Feet When You’re in Front of the Boss

Think on your feet

“I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before. But it’s true — hard work pays off. If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice, practice. If you don’t love something, then don’t do it.” — Ray Bradbury Back in my Marine Corps days, I got an e-mail that read like this: “You…

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16 Rules To Change the World

business rules

Here is something I wrote as a set of rules for myself. I thought it might be useful, if for nothing else, just to show you a new way of thinking. My recommendation is to print out a copy and post it somewhere prominent. You can find a PDF version on my website at www.EdRush.com/Bonus.…

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When Hiring Employees: Here’s How to Not Hire Yourself

Hiring Employees

I suck at hiring. Seriously, there are two areas that I am totally unqualified to give any advice on: relationships and hiring. I’ve started and sold several companies. I’ve worked with over 320 One-On-One consulting clients – and I’ve made millions of dollars and made billions of mistakes. (I counted.) But I’ve never been good…

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The Business Lesson I Learned Fighting (and Beating) a MiG-29

lessons in business

“Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold — but so does a hard-boiled egg.” – Anonymous The hands-down, number one dream of a lifetime for any F-18 fighter pilot is to fight against Russian-made MiG aircraft. And the only thing better than fighting one…

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Bad Math. Good Business

Having done well over 300 coaching days, I can tell you that hitting your income goals comes down to doing ONE THING consistently. What’s the one thing? That’s different for every business. Just check out the video below that I created with my buddy Mike Koenigs and let me know what you think. If you’re…

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The 4 Horsemen of Business Growth

Everyone business owner I know wants 3 things: more income, more impact, and a better (easier) lifestyle. Ask someone their goals and I’ll bet you a bottle of wine that whatever comes out of their mouth next falls into 1 of those 3 categories. Examples… I’d like to grow my business by 25% this year.…

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