You’re Invited to a 2-Day Event Where You Will…

Discover How to Ask God Questions About Your Purpose/Business (And Get Answers)


God Talks LIVE Event



Fri/Sat May 5-6, 2023

LOCATION: San Diego, Ca.

From the desk of Ed Rush...

I’ll get right to the point with a fairly bold claim:

This is the single most important, most impactful event you will ever attend.

Here's why...

Getting advice on your business is important, but what’s more important is WHO you get advice from. There is an abundance of well-meaning coaches and consultants who are more than happy to give you advice that may (or may not) work.

But what would happen if you could connect to Divine Intelligence and instantly get THE BEST answers to your business questions?
What if you could do it on demand?
What if you could instantly connect to God and receive wisdom for your decisions, your schedule, even your marketing?

It would change everything.

You would have more clarity and certainty.

You would have passion and focus.

You would have more customers, followers, and fans.

So to be as direct as I can: I would like to make that introduction and let the conversation begin.

That’s what this event is all about.

I have done this God Talks Process with well over 1,000 students and the results have been extraordinary.


At the event...

You will learn how to ask God questions about your business (and get answers).

You will discover (and remove) the “money blocks” that are keeping you from true and lasting wealth. (In my experience, most entrepreneurs have at least one and usually up to three money blocks.)

You will make a clean break from your past mistakes and regrets so you can live fully in the present moment with more passion and joy.

You will get crystal clear on your mission & purpose so you can build your business around what you love.

Plus, you’ll connect with an incredible group of like-minded entrepreneurs who can be your accountability partners as you grow your business and following. We will laugh and learn together in a fun, positive environment.


Event Dates & Time

May 5-6, 2023


San Diego, CA


Dream BIG!

During the event, you're going to find a gear you never know you had. Get ready to learn and implement. This will work for you, when you use it!

Listen, just ONE new client, product sale, or deal pays for your entire event (and then some)! You'll get to meet and get to know some of the best entrepreneurs on the planet. So while the rest of your competition is sitting at home watching re-runs of The Jersey Shore, you'll be making connections that can change your life and business.




I am a former F-18 fighter pilot and a 5-Time #1 best-selling author. (FYI - it may be 6-times by the time you read this. New book!)

About 10 years ago, I started interfacing with God conversationally about my business. Tapping into Divine Wisdom has helped me make over $10 Million dollars and what’s more, I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world.

About 7 years ago, I started coaching people how to hear from God about their business. As a result, businesses grew, relationships were restored, and lives were changed. Millions more were made.

Now I am doing this LIVE and in person. Each event is bigger than the next, so jump in now while it’s still small.

Hear from Previous Event Attendees

Our attendees come from all walks of life, from countries around the world, and have every kind of business imaginable. The ONE thing they do have in common is a desire to share their message and help more people. of the reasons to come to an event like this is to connect with other like-minded business owners. Deals get made at these events. Big deals. So, if you're abundance-minded, this is your place.


"When I look back over the more than 15 live events I attended during 2017, hands down, attending Ed Rush's Events provided me the highest value and return on investment. I walked away with great ideas about how to make both me and my business better, and translates to my better supporting my clients.

Ed packs a lot of learning into 3-days. He combines significant business experience with his stellar military experience to deliver targeted ways entrepreneurs can help grow our businesses. He taught completely different perspectives in areas that I am very familiar with. I had a number of "Aha Insight" moments and took lots of notes. I immediately began identifying areas of my business that I can improve, and began making changes. In recent conversations with clients, I have used some of his teachings to better describe areas that I cover and found that clients understand what I am discussing faster and clearer.

If you are an entrepreneur who provides information products and services to customers, and looking for ways to make 2018 your best year ever, you need to spend 3 days listening and learning from Ed Rush. I know I will be there again, and convinced that I will pick up a number of new things from Ed to help me and my business be better! I hope to see you there."

Jim Butz

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Tremendous Value!!!

"It all started with an Ed Rush event, after getting such tremendous value from that event. I made a very smart decision to raise the bar in my business and become one of Ed's clients. The value I have received so far in just a few weeks has been extraordinary. Not only has the direction of how I run my business become laser focused, as someone who takes action and moves fast anyways, I am moving at a Mach 1 pace. I should not be surprised since Ed is a former Top Gun Pilot.

Ed is a master communicator, marketer  and is beyond efficient and is helping me so many ways. I have accomplished  more and am effective in running my business.

I feel very fortunate to have trusted my gut and made the wise business decision to work with Ed."

Rob Actis

francine tone

I Found My WHY!

"After working with Ed one-on-one and attending his events, I found my WHY, and found myself speaking to many high-powered groups, with over 100 in the audience. I'm not even selling, yet people are coming to the 'back of the room' wanting to do business with me - just because I'm using language he told me to use. I've had massive breakthroughs, personally and in business. But most importantly, Ed is about taking action. You'll leave with an action plan (not just ideas) to multiply your profits. No one else delivers an action plan. Do it! You'll be blown away."

Francine Tone

jim house photo

"Ed Rush's very cool events elegantly combines prayer with cutting edge business strategies and remarkable people. One of a kind and quite extraordinary!"

Jim House


Join Ed Rush for Destiny-Changing Days!

Here's Why You Should Attend Now...

My events are exploding and this message is getting a lot of traction. What that means to you is this is the event you want to attend. If you wait, there will be thousands of attendees, instead of hundreds. So at this event, you will get personal attention and coaching if you want it from me or my team. We’ll be there the entire time. We will even set aside special time on some of the breaks to help you. That doesn’t always happen at my events, but this one is different. And you are important to me.

Final Note From Ed

The investment is an absolute deal. I should have made the price 3x higher. It’s worth it. But I believe in you and I want you there no matter what.

So enroll now.

Like now, now.

You will be happy that you did.


P.S. You don’t have to have any particular religious belief system in place to make this event work for you. Heck, you don’t even need to believe that these “God Talks” will work to make God Talks work. I’ve seen this work for everyone, including Buddhists and Hindus and Christians and Muslims and Atheists and Skeptics and people who don’t know what to believe but pretend to anyway.

I’ve been using God Talks now for over ten years—and let me just say from experience—God’s voice is always Kind. His voice sounds like Love.
Because it is.

P.P.S. “Life-Changing Event” doesn’t even come close to what you are about to experience.

P.P.P.S. This is the part of the letter where I am supposed to say we only have a certain number of seats and we’ll sell out fast, so act now, etc…

I am not going to do that.

The bottom line is we have room for as many who want to come. From 10 to 400. My guess is it will be on the smaller end of the scale, but who knows. It could be 400.

What’s really important is that this is the first and maybe last time I am doing this event this way. And once you close this page, no matter what your intentions are, you’re probably not coming back.

So why not take a chance on yourself?

Why not take a chance on good?

Enroll now. It will be one of the best decisions you ever made.



FREE Ticket (with Seat Deposit)

You qualify for this option if you bought God Talks and wrote a review.

You get...

ONE Ticket to God Talks LIVE (2-Days of packed content to dial in your connection to God, get on mission, and change the world)

Your Own Personal God Talks LIVE Notes Manual

God Talks LIVE Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush and his team LIVE

Meet and Get to Know Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

$47 Seat Deposit

NOTE: The seat deposit reserves your seat & gets you a badge and the worksheets. The deposit will be fully refunded once you show up at the event. The only way to lose the deposit is if someone “no shows” without letting us know.

✰ VIP Ticket ✰

This is the “go getter” option which includes seating in the front and a VIP experience.

You get...

ONE VIP Ticket to God Talks LIVE (2-Days of packed content to dial in your connection to God, get on mission, and change the world)

Your Own Personal God Talks LIVE Notes Manual

God Talks LIVE Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush and his team LIVE

Meet and Get to Know Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

VIP Exclusive: Reserved Seating in the Front Rows at the Event.

VIP Exclusive: Early Access to the Event Room

VIP Exclusive: Private, VIP-Access-Only Break Room with Coffee, Drinks, Snacks, etc…

VIP Exclusive: Early Access to the Friday Evening Book Launch Party

VIP Attendance

One Payment of $247

NOTE: This event is best experienced in person LIVE and immersive, so there is no zoom option, live-stream, or recording.

Come join us in San Diego!