Give Me Just a Few Days and I'll Give YOU the Keys to a Speaking Business That Can Pay YOU a Guaranteed $5,000 a Month (or more)... Even if the Last Time You Spoke Was in Your 4th Grade English Class.

NOTE: The entire Top Gun Speaker experience is streaming online Aug 25-26 (10am - 5pm PST each day).

Everything will be recorded so you don't miss a thing.


LIVE in San Diego or Streaming Online (Your Choice)


Thur/Fri - Aug 25-26, 2022

Live 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST each day


Get my entire business system for making money as a speaker. You'll learn how to get paid big checks for sharing your message, expertise, story, and experience. And you'll learn how to get a bunch of spin-off business like coaching, consulting, book deals, and more.

Learn my "Aw Shucks" Technique for connecting with any audience. Listen, I have been speaking professionally for over 13 years. I've mastered the art of audience connection. In less than an hour, I'll show you how to use your words and body language to get audiences to love you and remember you.

Be FUNNY! Find out how to create presentations that make audiences laugh (a lot)...even if you don't think you're very funny. There are 14 different ways to use humor in your talk. (HINT: NONE of them require you to tell jokes or become a comedian. They're all very easy. In fact, 2 techniques don't even require talking.).

Learn my "Never Fear" Strategy for Overcoming Stage Fright. So you get a little nervous when you go on stage. That's normal right? I thought it was and for 8 years I suffered from stage fright. Then one day it was all gone. I've condensed my 8-year learning process into 5 minutes. I'll show you a short little exercise that can eliminate stage fright forever. Easy.


Discover my "4 Key Questions" Approach that will give you instant rapport with any event planner. I've made over $10 million dollars from speaking and there is a reason. I have a system that works every time. A critical part of that system is knowing how to speak with a meeting planner and so you get the deal. On day #1 of Top Gun Speaker, I'm going to walk through every step, every question, every form, and every contract I use to GET THE DEAL.

Find out the best places online to get booked now for talks. Most speakers have no idea where to start looking for speaking deals. I'll show you right now where to get speaking as little as a week.

Speaking of sales! You'll also learn my stage selling system that requires no coercion. I'll show you how to be 100% congruent and authentic and STILL get 20-30% of the room to buy your products, books, consulting, and more.

Don't like to sell? No problem. I'll show you a secret little technique that requires no sales skills but results in 100% of your audience buying your books or products. (I've done this consistently for 9 years now...and it's been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue). The best part: NO stage selling required.

Learn how to motivate, persuade, and influence ethically (and affordably). NOTE - this session on persuasion is often the single highest-rated session in the event. If you know in your heart that you could "sell" better but don't like to be pushy or "salesy" then this session is for YOU.

Find out how to build your business around your life and create more time, space, and freedom. (NOTE: many attendees also find that their businesses become much more SALE-able too when they implement this module.)

Direct time, attention, and coaching. You may have been to a lot of events where the speaker "disappears" after he's done speaking. That's not this event. In fact, I schedule extra time during lunch and evening session to spend 1-on-1 time listening to you, getting to know you, and helping you with your business.

PLUS, you'll get real-life implementation strategies during our very popular marketing and Q&A panels.


Bottom Line: This Event Will Show You the Fastest (Most Credible) Way to Build Your List, Grow Your Celebrity and Get More Customers & Clients...In Your Spare Time

PLUS, Don't Forget That Speaking Includes Webinars, Webcasts, Teleseminars, Media Interviews, Podcasts, Live Streaming, and Basically Everywhere Else You Use the Spoken Word to Share a Message So You Can Use All of This Even If You Never Get on a Stage




I am a former F-18 Top Gun fighter pilot who left the service back in 2006 to spend more time with my family. Since then, I have launched and sold several businesses and created a 7-figure average yearly income sharing what I know. At one point last year, I was Amazon's #1 Business Author.

I've been paid well to travel the world and have made over $10 Million dollars directly from speaking. After thousands of events, I have mastered the art of speaking as a business.

Which brings me to you...

I am going to share it all with you. Every strategy, tip, tactic, presentation, slide deck, form, agreement, script. You get it all as a part of this very exclusive event. I'll show you how to eliminate stage fright, get paid for your story, sell more books, and get a lot of "back end" business-like coaching and consulting.



I am so excited to tell you about my celebrity guest speaker.

MICHAEL HAUGE has been one of Hollywood's top consultants and story experts for more than 3 decades, working on projects starring (among many others) Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman, Margo Robbie and Tom Cruise.

By employing those same Hollywood story principles, Michael has helped speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs and business leaders generate millions of dollars in revenue by connecting more deeply with their audiences and clients, and moving them to action.

He's coming to Top Gun Speaker to show you how to use Hollywood secrets to create compelling stories that move audiences to action.

According to Will Smith, no one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story.


According to Will Smith,

No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story."

Will Smith

These are just some of the world's top speakers who have worked with Ed as their coach to help them change the world (and make more money) with their message…


Brian Tracy

Author of over 70 books. World renown speaker and advisor.


John Assaraf

Star of the movie The Secret. NYT Best Selling Author.


Mike Koenigs

Founder of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer. 13-Time #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker.


Pam Hendrickson

Founder or Make It, Market It, Launch It. World’s Leading Product Creator.


Bo Eason

NFL Player. Trainer. Bo wrote and performed his one-man play Runt of the Litter to a NYT raving review.

pat ziemer

Pat Zeimer

Best Selling Author. Speaker. CEO & Founder of MagnaWave.


Dr. Tamika Henry

Functional Medicine Doctor, Speaker, Trainer


LeeAnn Reed

Founder The Numbers Divas, LLC, Author The Designer's Survival Guide to QuickBooks.


Dr. Malaika Woods

MD, Functional Medicine Doctor, Speaker, Trainer


Mike Semel

World’s Leading HIPAA Consultant. 35-Year Industry Veteran. #1 Best Selling Author


Mari Carmen Pizarro

Corporate Trainer. Event Host. Founder Mari Carmen International.


Dori Soukup

Founder & CEO of InSPAration Management. Mentor to Med Spa Industry.


David and Jill Stowell

Founder of Stowell Learning Center. 2 Locations and 35 Employees.


Lenica Stephen

CEO, Interactive Business Optimization Services, Virtual COO


Dr Nicole Eisenbrown

Dual Board Certified Surgeon. #1 Best Selling Author and Private Practice Physician.


Dr Tom Ashton

Founder and CEO, Ashton Vein Center. Author. Serial Entrepreneur.


Mark Dannenberg

Founder, Options Money Maker LLC. Futures and Options Trading Educator, Leadership Coach.

JR Burgess

J.R. Burgess

CEO and Founder, HealhOvators. #1 Best Selling Author.

Yvonne Heyne

Yvonne Heyne

CEO at Nextx Powered by The Technology Studios


Larry Broughton

CEO, Broughton Hotels, Award-Winning CEO & Entrepreneur

Chris Casamassa

Chris Casamassa

Hollywood actor. Star of Mortal Kombat movie. CEO of Red Dragon Karate Schools.


Frank Leyes

Financial advisor & mentor. #1 Best Selling Author of The Way of Wealth


Lisa Fraley

Founder of Legal Coach LLC. Attorney and Legal Coach ®



Hear from Previous Event Attendees

Our attendees come from all walks of life, from countries around the world, and have every kind of business imaginable. The ONE thing they do have in common is a desire to share their message and help more people. of the reasons to come to an event like this is to connect with other like-minded business owners. Deals get made at these events. Big deals. So, if you're abundance-minded, this is your place.


"When I look back over the more than 15 live events I attended during 2017, hands down, attending Ed Rush's 3-day Ultimate Breakthrough provided me the highest value and return on investment. I walked away with great ideas about how to make both me and my business better, and translates to my better supporting my clients.


Ed packs a lot of learning into 3-days. He combines significant business experience with his stellar military experience to deliver targeted ways entrepreneurs can help grow our businesses. He taught completely different perspectives in areas that I am very familiar with. I had a number of "Aha Insight" moments and took lots of notes. I immediately began identifying areas of my business that I can improve, and began making changes. In recent conversations with clients, I have used some of his teachings to better describe areas that I cover and found that clients understand what I am discussing faster and clearer.


If you are an entrepreneur who provides information products and services to customers, and looking for ways to make 2018 your best year ever, you need to spend 3 days listening and learning from Ed Rush. I know I will be there again, and convinced that I will pick up a number of new things from Ed to help me and my business be better! I hope to see you there."

Jim Butz

Screenshot 2017-12-17 18.09.41

Tremendous Value!!!

"It all started with Ed's Ultimate Breakthrough event, after getting such tremendous value from that event. I made a very smart decision to raise the bar in my business and become one of Ed's clients. The value I have received so far in just a few weeks has been extraordinary. Not only has the direction of how I run my business become laser focused, as someone who takes action and moves fast anyways, I am moving at a Mach 1 pace. I should not be surprised since Ed is a former Top Gun Pilot.


Ed is a master communicator, marketer  and is beyond efficient and is helping me so many ways. I have accomplished  more and am effective in running my business.


I feel very fortunate to have trusted my gut and made the wise business decision to work with Ed."

Rob Actis

francine tone

I Found My WHY!

"After working with Ed one-on-one and attending his Ultimate Breakthrough Events, I found my WHY, and found myself speaking to many high-powered groups, with over 100 in the audience. I'm not even selling, yet people are coming to the 'back of the room' wanting to do business with me - just because I'm using language he told me to use. I've had massive breakthroughs, personally and in business. But most importantly, Ed is about taking action. You'll leave with an action plan (not just ideas) to multiply your profits. No one else delivers an action plan. Do it! You'll be blown away."

Francine Tone

jim house photo

"Ed Rush's very cool Ultimate Breakthrough Event elegantly combines prayer with cutting edge business strategies and remarkable people. One of a kind and quite extraordinary!"

Jim House



Event Dates & Time

Thu/Fri - Oct 1-2, 2021

Streaming Live 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM each day


Streaming Online


Dream! During the event, you're going to find a gear you never know you had. Get ready to learn and implement. This will work for you, when you use it!

Listen, just ONE new client, product sale, or deal pays for your entire event (and then some)! You'll get to meet and get to know some of the best entrepreneurs on the planet. So while the rest of your competition is sitting at home watching re-runs of The Jersey Shore, you'll be making connections that can change your life and business.

Here's EVERYTHING You're Going To Get

With a Ticket to The Top Gun Speaker Event

A 9-Part Training Over Two Weeks to Show You How to Get Paid to Share Your Message.

Part 1

How to Build the Perfect Speech

When I first started out, I spent time and money (well over $20,000) hiring so-called "speaking gurus" to teach me how to build a speech.

It sounded great at the time, but it didn't work. Their strategies required me to be sound pitchy and salesy. And their speech outlines were old, outdated material that left audiences yawning. So I went back to the drawing board.

I leveraged some of my military training (I graduated from Top Gun after all). And I did a lot of experimentation. Trial and error.

Now, I can set my watch to the first time my audience busts out laughing. It's formulaic. Near perfect. And it works...every time in every format. I have used my formula for 10-minute speeches all the way up to 6-hour trainings.

For example…

A perfect speech has 3 parts. Each of the 3 parts has its own 3 sub-parts. 9 parts total. Each part is critical and (surprise) NO one teaches these. No one. Except this one event. PLUS, I am going to make this very easy by giving you word-for-word scripting you can start using now. In this event, you get my Formula for a Perfect Speech. You'll never again stare at a blank page and wondering what you're going to speak about.

Part 2

How to Be funny on stage... even if you're not

Do you want to know the WORST thing you can do in a presentation?

Tell a joke.

It's just too risky.

If people don't laugh then you end up standing there looking stupid.

But have no fear.

Those days are over.

That's because you're going to learn my system for what I call "Move Along" Humor. These are stories, experiences, slides, clips, images, memes, or anecdotes that come in sideways and don't cost you if the audience doesn't laugh.

All you need to do is listen to one of my speeches and you'll hear a minimum of 4 "Move Along" Humor Moments in the first 9 minutes.

Most of the time, people laugh...a lot. But even if they don't, I'm safe. That's the power of the "Move Along" Humor Method.

You'll learn that on day #1...and you're going to laugh when you see how easy this is.

Part 3

How to Get Paid Checks For "Keynote" Or Instructional speaking.

According to Meeting Planners International,

1.8 million meetings and events occur in the U.S. each year, resulting in…

  • $280 billion in spending
  • $115 billion contributions to GDP
  • $14.8 billion federal tax revenue
  • $13.2 billion state and local tax revenue
  • $66.8 billion in labor income

Shocking Stat: Meetings and events contribute more to the Gross Domestic Product than the air transportation, motion picture, sound recording, performing arts and the spectator sport industries.

But not only that.

Statistically, speaking is the single most efficient way to get customers.

That's why I believe that speaking is simply the fastest way to make money, build credibility, and launch your brand. It's not only the most valuable skill, it's the most lucrative skill...on earth. That's why ON DAY #1 of The Top Gun Speaker, we're going to get right into the business side of speaking. I'm talking about how to get paid checks - real money - for your experience, expertise, or story.

You'll learn…

  • How to find speaking events and get booked now
  • How to get meeting planners to call you (and not the other way around)
  • How to get top dollar from every event (hint: you'll learn the one sentence you can use to maximize event revenue)
  • How to get all of your expenses covered (which is nice because meetings are normally in beautiful resorts)

Plus, I am going to give you my contracts, scripts, agreements, and forms ...everything you need for a successful speaking business. You'll see just how easy this is.


Part 4

How to Get Coaching / Consulting
"Spin off" Business

I have a secret to share with you.

Remember how I told you I've made over $10 Million dollars from speaking? Well, the secret is that 80% of that money came in after the event. Don't get me wrong: I've received handsome 5-figure checks for nothing more than a 1-hour presentation. But the real money in speaking comes after the talk is done.

To date, I've had over 440 clients. Many paid me in excess of $20,000. Some have paid me 6-Figures. 98% of them came to me because they heard me speak.

Now here's another secret:

It did NOT happen by accident.

I made it happen.

That's because there is a way to craft a talk to get people to want to work with you. There are phrases you use, a certain kind of story you tell, a manner in which you talk that literally compels the right people to want to work with you.

Good News: YOU are going to learn how to do that.

YOU are going to find out how to make potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per event. (My personal record is $349,341 in actual real collected money FROM ONE EVENT).

You're going to learn my system for doing just that and see how easy this is.

Part 5

How to Ethically and congruently sell more products

What would it be like to get up on stage with an extra $10,000 and 20 new customers who love you and want more from you?

You can do that. You just need to know how.

Problem is, most of the so called "speaking gurus" that teach people to sell from the stage have no track record. Or they turn their students into used car salesmen.

Good news is the system I am going to teach you requires one thing: for you to be you, 100% transparent and congruent. No pushy selling. No trick lines or NLP.

Just YOU being YOU.

In fact, I'll show you how I get my audience to ASK ME TO TELL THEM ABOUT MY PRODUCTS.

Imagine walking on to a stage and 45 minutes lates having the audience beg you to sell something to them. That's the power of this system.

Part 6

How to Sell More Books

On Day #2 of the Top Gun Speaker Event, you're going to learn the 4 Ways to Get your Audience to Buy your Book. (Hint: the last of the 4 Ways converts 100% of the audience and requires no selling from the all.)

The great thing about books is your audience takes you home with them making them more likely to hire you for coaching, consulting, or follow on events.

Don't have a book?

I've written 5 and my last book went from idea to #1 best seller in 21 days. I'll show you how to get a great book done quickly with minimum effort and maximum results.

Part 7

How to Instantly eliminate stage fright and connect with any audience

5 Minutes.

That's all it's going to take to eliminate stage fright forever.

Imagine standing backstage with 1,000 people in the audience. You've got a huge grin on your face because you feel confident, powerful, and you LOVE what you do. You walk onto the stage and deliver the talk of your life. The audience laughs at your stories, is moved by your passion, and implements what you teach.

Life is good and you're making a lot of money with your ideas.

All that is possible for you. But none of it is going to happen if you get scared every time you speak.

So give me 5 minutes.

And I'll give you a super short exercise that you can use anytime / anywhere to eliminate stage fright forever and for good.


Part 8

How to build your platform: website, social media, and more

Dose of Reality: You've already lost hundreds of speaking engagements.

That's because an event planner heard of you from someone, read your book, or saw you somewhere, then they typed your name into Google...and what they saw changed their mind.

Have you ever had a conversation with an event host and then never heard from them again? Now you know what happened.

Listen, there is a very specific strategy to your website and social media…

  • There are 6 things that MUST be on your website.
  • There are 2 things that have to match perfectly between your website and your social media presence.
  • There are 3 things you have to do on your social media pages.

If you miss one of these 10 things or you do it all out of order, you're going to miss out on calls and deals.

But smile, ok? That may have been a problem in the past, but in less than 30 mins at The Top Gun Speaker Event, you'll learn how to fix it all inexpensively and create a brand presence that rocks.

Part 9

The Speaking Treasure Trove

In your speaking business you are going to need:

Presentations (Keynote or Powerpoint)




And more

You can…

  • Option #1: Spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort developing all of them (like I did).
  • Option #2: I can just GIVE you all of my stuff and you'll have everything you need.

Hint...choose Option #2.

If all you did was come to the event, get the event binder and leave town with my tools, scripts, presentations, and agreements, it would be worth it. It's everything you need to run a successful speaking business...all in one place, so you can use it anytime you want.

Now that's huge.

Your own personal
top gun speaker manual

(U.S. Only: My Team Will Personally Send You a Manual Via Priority Mail the Moment You Enroll.

International: We Got You Covered. We'll Send You the Digital Version of the Manual so You Have it for The Event.)

You will FILL this journal with notes, insights, and action items. Forget random yellow pads of paper that get lost and thrown away. This journal will be your record for years to come of the MASSIVE breakthroughs and ideas you received at this event.

Top Gun Speaker Exercises,
Tools, and Planning Forms

Each exercise is specifically designed to get you to your purpose and make more money faster. You'll unveil your "Big Why", better understand and connect to your ideal customers, plan your business more successfully, and eliminate the major things that are slowing you down (and eating up your time).

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching
and Feedback from Ed Rush LIVE

Because this is an intimate online training event, you'll get to share your ideas LIVE and get real-time coaching and feedback on your implementation steps. Huge breakthroughs come in these sessions...and you'll learn a LOT from other attendees in the focus sessions as well.

Meet and Get to Know Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

Listen, if all we did was schedule a few days just for you to get to know the other attendees, it will have been worth it. You'll meet new people who can help you get more done, in less time, with less waste. Business deals get made here. New partnerships are forged. You may even meet someone who can help you in a strategic area of your business. This is be sure to plan to be there the entire time and use the breaks and evening sessions for maximum result.

All from the comfort of your own home

The Top Gun Speaker Digitial Event will be streaming online via Zoom in a password-protected website which you will receive once you enroll.


Join Ed Rush for Destiny-Changing Days!

Letter from Ed

I can't wait to get to know you and work with you personally.

Enroll now and get ready to accelerate your speed and success.

Then Go Change the World,

Ed Rush

P.S. Last thing - if you close this page without taking action, you never will. Ever. Don't fool yourself by thinking you'll come back here later after you check the dates and get with your spouse. You've done that before and let opportunities pass you by. Don't let that happen to you. Take decisive action. The world needs you and there is no time to delay.

P.P.S. I am doing this event once and I have NO plans to make a recording available after the event. (Attendees will get a recording of everything).

That means NOW is the time to take action and get your seat reserved. No excuses. This is YOUR time and I'm going to show you how to make the most of it.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes, in fact, you get two guarantees. First, you get the...

The "Biggest Smile on Your Face" Guarantee

Register now. And if after the first day, you are not completely BLOWN-AWAY and on the path to success, just let me or my team know, turn in your materials and we will give you a 100% refund, plus $500 to cover any travel expenses...and we can still be friends.

Listen - I know this is going to be the event you're still talking about 10 years from now. You just need to see it to believe it.

You also get the unprecedented…

$60,000 Guarantee

Here is how this works. I'm so confident you'll make an extra $60,000 over the next 12 months from what you learn and implement at the event, that I am literally putting my money where my mouth is.

So...if for some reason, you don't make at least $60,000 ($5,000 a month) all you have to do is show me that you implemented just 2 of the hundreds of strategies that I will teach you and you'll get YOUR MONEY BACK...even after a year!

Now, think about this. Have you EVER seen a guarantee like this before? That shows you how confident I am in this material. I've helped well over 1,071 students how to make money as a speaker...and I can help you too.




(San Diego, CA)


(Streaming on Zoom)

You get...

ONE Ticket to Top Gun Speaker Event (Two days of packed content to dial in your speaking business, build your brand, and authority)

Your Own Personal Top Gun Speaker Manual

Top Gun Speaker Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush LIVE

Meet and Get to Know Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

LIVE BONUS Q&A and Social Event with Ed Rush


Single Pay $997 (Best Deal)
3-Pay of $367

You get...

ONE Ticket to The Top Gun Speaker Event (Two days of packed content to dial in your speaking business, build your brand, and authority)

Your Own Personal Top Gun Speaker Manual

Top Gun Speaker Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush LIVE

Meet and Get to Know Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

Streaming Digital


Single Pay $997 (Best Deal)
3-Pay of $367


(Streaming on Zoom)

You get...

ONE Ticket to The Top Gun Speaker Event (Two days of packed content to dial in your speaking business, build your brand, and authority)

Your Own Personal Top Gun Speaker Manual

Top Gun Speaker Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush LIVE

Meet and Get to Know Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

Streaming Digital


Single Pay $997 (Best Deal)
3-Pay of $367