Why The Most Successful People Design Their Lives Around Strategic Sprints

What is the most common fallacy of success?

It’s that to be successful, you must work long, hard hours at a relentless pace that never waivers.

That’s why people always say, “Time is money!”

Yes, to a degree, time IS money, but not all time is created equal with regard to how we should be using it. And, you’re about to discover this now…

The most successful people design their lives around “strategic sprints.”

Take, for example, fighter-pilot training.

Back in 1996, I left the frozen tundra of Quantico, VA (Marine Corps infantry training) for the sunny beaches of Pensacola, FL (Navy flight school).

It was there I learned the value of strategic sprints.

In ground school, a young student learns physics, engine mechanics, emergency procedures, flight rules, meteorology, swimming, first aid, and land survival.

It would take the average civilian flight student a year (or more) to cover these topics.

The Navy does it in a single 3-week sprint!

Open mouth.

Insert fire hose.

Turn on.



Do you think you can do this?

It was at Navy flight school that I first discovered the difference between successful people and everyone else. Successful people compress time and do things faster—not because they can but because they realize everyone can. And this realization that “everyone can” enables them to do what to many seems impossible.

Did you catch that? This secret isn’t available to the elite few. It’s available to you, me, and the village idiot.

Would you like to learn more about the power of effective sprints and how to use them? Well, how about if I personally invite you to join me for a sprint?

Seriously. Think of it as an intellectual “track meet.” You’ll be lined up, in the lane right next to me, with both of us in our starting blocks. The starter’s gun will go off, and over the course of one hour, your mind will be blown with how you can accomplish more in less time through sprints. It’s a small investment of time that will lead to huge growth in your business and save you more time in the future.

Let’s practice right now…

On your mark…

Get set…

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