Successful People Move Fast

Is success meant for everyone?  Or only destined for a chosen few?

I discovered the answer while in the military…

It was at Navy flight school that I first discovered the difference between successful people and everyone else. Successful people compress time and do things faster — not because they can but because they realize everyone can. And this realization that “everyone can” enables them to do what to many seems impossible.

Did you catch that? This secret isn’t available to the elite few. It’s available to you, me, and the village idiot.

I should know—I failed Kindergarten. And I still went on to graduate from Top Gun, fly in combat, and become one of the leading instructors in the F-18.

Have you ever come across a simple product or gadget and said to yourself, “why didn’t I think of that?”  We’ve all had that moment. Or, worse yet, a new product comes to the market and you DID think of that idea a while ago, but did not act on developing it.

For instance, in my childhood, my mother would place a wooden clothespin to secure an open bag of potato chips in an effort to maintain freshness.  The clothespin was a good idea, but it would sometimes slide off and was fraught with other limitations. Then, all of a sudden, probably on a TV infomercial, the Chip Clip was introduced!

A chip clip is nothing more than a colorful, branded, binder clip with little plastic teeth.  But, at the time, I thought it was genius and was saying to myself “why didn’t I think of this?”

So, some dude went on to make a boatload of cash selling the Chip Clip.  What’s the lesson to be learned here? Is it, think of the next best invention?

No.  It’s take action on the your ideas and move quicker than everyone else.

Successful people take action, and they do so quickly.  Everyone else waits for something to happen and then just reacts.

Don’t be everyone else.  Act now. Move fast.

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