4 Fighter Pilot Tips for More FOCUS (EdTalks Weekly Flight Brief Ep 4)

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This week’s Flight Brief is about one thing: FOCUS. Today, you’re about to learn…

  • How to get more out of each day.
  • So you can conquer every obstacle
  • And then change the world.

Here we go…

What I am Focusing On

5-simple letters made into one powerful word: FOCUS.

You can accomplish more in one HOUR of 100% focus than one DAY of scattered attention. Sad to say, most entrepreneurs spend their entire life in a desperate attempt to distract themselves.

But not YOU!

That’s why you’re here, right, Ed?

You want to get more done, in less time, with less waste, so you can change the world and impact a generation.

So with that, here are 4 keys to more speed and success with FOCUS.

Strategy #1
Set a BIG Goals and Then Break Them Into a Smaller Action Steps

If you read The 21-Day Miracle, you’ll remember that Step #1 toward creating a magnificent life is to Set Impossible Goals. In fact, one of the criteria for your life goals is that your friends should laugh when you share them.

For example, one of my goals is to live an active fulfilling life past age 145. When I tell people that, they laugh.


Of course, I have an actual game plan for accomplishing this that includes diet, exercise, and an extraordinarily high midi-chlorian count.* But I digress…

Now, once you have a ridiculously crazy goal, then take your goal and break it into ONE single achievable action step that you can accomplish in a short 21-Day period of time. In the case of living to be 145, that goal could be centered around nutrition or a daily movement goal. Which brings me to…

Strategy #2
Create a DAILY Activity That Gets You One Step Closer to Your Goal

Let’s say you want to get 10,000 new email leads into your business in the next 2 months (which happens to be one of my goals btw). Well, you could just hope for a miracle like being on Oprah. But the problem is, she’s not hosting her show anymore and your chances weren’t that good even when she was.

But that doesn’t mean 10,000 new names is out of the question. It just means you have to do it the old fashioned way. You know…how your grandparents used to build their email lists: with FOCUS.

In this case, your daily activity could be to spend 1 hour each day 100% focused on generating new email leads. Any activity that contributes to this is in. Anything that doesn’t is out.

  • Posting content on social media is in.
  • Posting complaints on social media is out.
  • Building lead pages is in.
  • Building minecraft worlds is out.
  • Hosting a live stream is in.
  • Trolling the White House’s live stream is out.

You get the picture.

Strategy #3
Set Time Parameters and STICK to Them

In the case above, your plan is to spend 1 FULL hour each day on getting new leads. Which means you actually spend 1 FULL hour each day on getting new leads.

My favorite tool for this is the timer right on the Google page here. Just type in 60 minute and GO.

Now, of course to make all this work you need…

Strategy #4
Focus Your Work in a Distraction Free Environment

This is where the rubber hits the road.
It’s also where most entrepreneurs lose their momentum.

Having flown fighter jet aircraft for over 11 years I can tell you that once you push the throttles up, you better leave them there.

There is NOTHING that kills momentum like a good interruption. So put on your NR Headphones, close the door, turn OFF your phone, and get ‘er done.

App of the Week

My App of the week is the Notifications tab on your iPhone.

Go there now and literally turn off every notification. There is no need to have your phone run your life. If you want to check your text messages, you might as well be doing it because you want to not because your phone got cranky.

Same goes for everything else including social media.
You don’t need to be “notified.”
Let your phone work for you not the other way around.

Side note on this strategy: you’re going to hate this for about 3 days and then you’re going to thank me.

Challenge of the Week

My challenge of the week is simple: Spend 1 hour each day for the next week FOCUSED on something that’s important to you. It can be anything from lead generation to fitness to gardening.

The challenge is to TRAIN YOUR FOCUS.

Who’s in?



P.S. Are you enjoying these flight briefings? Cool. I am too. If this has helped you, do me a h-u-u-u-u-u-g-e favor and stop by this page and leave a comment. I personally respond to almost all of them so it will be nice to say hey.

* You should know that this means. But if not, Google is or re-watch something filmed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

About The Author

Ed Rush is a world-renown speaker, a five-time #1 bestselling author, and a highly successful business consultant who was featured on CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC. He has spent a significant amount of time in the cockpit of an F-18 fighter jet, so he knows the value of strategy and the power of focus. He has effectively taken the principles that he learned flying faster than the speed of sound, and translated them into good business. His clients range from small startups to multinational organizations, and include CEOs, founders, political leaders, sports teams, national universities, Hollywood stars, and even a contestant on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. To buy any of Ed's books, visit his bookstore right now or hire Ed to speak at your next event.