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These Weekly Flight Briefs are intended to be like a cafeteria (for great information instead of meat loaf). So take what you want and enjoy. Just don’t feel compelled to do it all in one sitting.

Here we go!

What do Charles Darwin, The Human Brain, and the 4th Amendment have in common?

Find out the answer to that below (and also hear a damaging admission) in this week’s Flight Briefing.

What I Am Reading

Evolution 2.0 by Perry Marshall. Full disclosure, Perry is a friend and I am biased. That said, I have never read anything like this book. Perry does a fantastic job proving that both the hard core Darwinians and the hard core Creationists are both wrong.

It’s also a fascinating study on how confirmation bias can kill scientific and societal development. His theories are all backed by research and he has a bunch of impressive scientific minds on board.

What I Am Focusing On Right Now

Fact: you have an extremely powerful mind.
Probably Fact, but Could-Just-Be-My-Opinion: You’re not using all of it.

Ready to tap into your subconscious and really get some things done? Start meditating on a regular basis (as in every day).

Think of your mind as a computer that’s simultaneously running about 1,000 programs. Some of those programs are extremely helpful, but some (or most) are getting in your way. Expanding your awareness through meditation can help you start the process of re-wiring and reprogramming your mind and eliminating old programs.

If you want to go deeper on the concept of rewiring and re-programming, see my 21-Day Mind Control Chapter or my Ed Talks podcast episode called “Total Mind Control.”
(Hint: I reveal a damaging admission about meditation below.)

Latest Resource

I am listening to the More Perfect Podcast. Their current series on the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution is solid. Most Americans are woefully ignorant of the blessings of our Constitution. You know…things like the government needing to actually have a reason before they throw you in jail (or the right to speak your mind in a mass email). Our times may not be perfect, but let’s just say they are better than they used to be. So get in there and have a listen.

If you want to go deeper, the older versions of More Perfect cover some of the most influential Supreme Court cases in history. I recommend starting with the “Gun Show”which is well researched and surprisingly balanced.

App of the Week / Challenge of the Week

My challenge to you this week is to meditate at least 10 minutes a day for a week.
If you’re a total newbie, try the free version of Headspace.
To go deeper, try my new favorite app called Insight Timer.
Even if you’re a meditation pro, you’ll find some gold there.

Ready to hear a secret? I wanted to create my own guided meditations using the Psalms. But I really liked the interface on Insight Timer. So I became a “teacher” on Insight Timer and started creating my own guided meditations.

The only problem was brand identity. I’m more of “the fighter pilot guy”, not a “meditation teacher.” So I solved that problem by creating a pseudonym* on Insight timer with a name that totally cracked me up.

Look up Brock Divine.
That’s me.
Just keep that one between us, ok?


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So, if I tell you I like it; it’s because I like it. If I tell you, I use it; it’s because I use it.


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