Only 1 in 3 People Report Being Happy

According to a recent study, only one person in three reports being happy.

Think about that for a moment.

Are you one of the happy people, or one of the other two searching for more?

It’s strange when you consider the world we live in… We have so much that “should” make us happy.  

Push a button and you get a ride. Push a different button and you get food. Push yet another button and you get music, movies, and entertainment.  

Heck, we’re now moving in the direction of eliminating the button… “Hey, Google… Hey, Siri… Alexa…”  Apparently, pushing a button has become way to cumbersome.

How is it possible that in light of so many luxuries, so many people are unhappy?

Answer: because they’re rabbits in a world ruled by turtles (if you aren’t familiar with my definition of rabbits and turtles, see my article “The Biggest Lie in Personal Growth” by clicking HERE).  

The turtles want to keep us from moving fast, so they glamourize a world in which survival has been reduced to pushing buttons, or worse, shouting at computer chips.

But that’s not you…  You’re not a turtle, and your definition of living is not sitting on the couch.

What if you could invest just three short days to become the person you want to be? What if you could quickly accomplish your goals and simultaneously increase your income and impact? What if you had a secret formula for accomplishing any goal—no matter how hard?

You’d win every time.

Well, guess what… I’m hosting a convention of rabbits that will win every time.  Not real rabbits, but people like you that want to rule the turtles, not be the turtles.  And, I’d like you to be my guest! To learn more, click HERE.



P.S. Nothing motivates a rabbit MORE than being around other rabbits.  I promise you, this event will be life changing!